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The 22nd International Women’s Club Dinner and Ball

1. März 2018

The International Women’s Club of Moscow 2nd Major charity event which is held annually to raise funds for emergency care for children and vulnerable people living below the poverty line in Moscow
Moscow, Russia – February 15th, 2018—The International Women’s Club of Moscow is once again pleased to announce their annual Dinner and Ball, to be held at the iconic Metropol Hotel on Saturday April 21st , 2018. The ball which is in its 22nd year of existence, will this year be hosted under the theme of’ keeping dreams alive’ in honor of the Clubs 40th year in Moscow helping others.
The International Women’s Club Dinner and Ball is one of Moscow’s most prestigious and unique events, which offer its guest an option to dine then participate in the ball activities or just the ball based on the guest preferences. Guests who are interested in dining before the ball, are invited to have dinner in the beautiful setting of the Metropol Hotel. Thereafter, patrons are then invited to continue the festivities in the luxurious hotel ballroom for an exciting evening of dance, music and live entertainment.
Tickets for the event can be purchased at one of the IWC’s regular events such as their bimonthly coffee mornings, monthly Meet and Greet, International Women’s Evenings (IWE) or through any steering committee member. (For specific dates and further details, please visit the club’s website or Facebook page). Ticket prices are 10,000 rubles for dinner and the ball and 7,000 rubles for the ball only.
This event is one of two major fundraising events of the IWC, where all proceeds go to several charity projects managed by the IWC Charity Board. The charity projects provide long term support and emergency care for people living below the poverty level such as children from poor and unstable families, the elderly and destitute.

About the The International Women’s Club of Moscow
The International Women’s Club of Moscow was founded in 1978 and is the largest women’s club in the city which is open to all expatriate women residing in Moscow. The IWC is also a non-profit organization which exists to promote friendship, further cultural activities among women of all nationalities with the common goal to raise funds which are donated to charitable activities. The club has over 400 members representing approximately 110 countries around the world.
For more information about the event and the IWC please visit our website at
Facebook page
Contact: Alexia James or Madara Alaine
Event details and Ticket Sales:

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